Eating & Getting Around

Getting Around Campus & Davis


UC Davis is a vast and green campus sprawling over many acres, and in 2016 the university was ranked as the greenest campus in the world. Hence, we promote traveling sustainably in Davis. Likewise, the city of Davis prides itself on sustainability and green commuting.


The most common mode of commuting through campus and town is bicycling—  in fact, Davis has been nicknamed as the "Bicycle Capital of the U.S." There are designated bike paths and lanes throughout campus and town that allow for safe biking. Bike rental is available at Bike Barn (on campus), and at the B&L Bike shop downtown (610 3rd Street). Guests staying at Hallmark Inn can also rent bikes from the hotel.

Alternatively, commuters can take the Unitrans, an affordable student-driven bus system that will conveniently get you anywhere in Davis ($1.25 per ride). The nearest bus stop to the Center for Mind and Brain is located on 5th Street, which is within easy walking distance. It is a short bus ride into town or to campus.

Driving: If you plan to drive, there is free parking at the Center for Mind and Brain

For more information on commuting in Davis, click here.

Dining & Restaurants

Dining & Restaurants

There are also nearby towns with nice restaurants, including:

Dining & Restaurants




Options for dining on campus:

  • Food trucks near the Mondavi Center
  • Food trucks, restaurants and coffee shops at the Silo
  • Food and coffee at the Memorial Union
Dining & Restaurants


Restaurants in downtown Davis:

  • Guide to dining in Davis
  • Yelp recommendations ​ ​
  • Every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, the Davis Farmers' Market (downtown in Central Park) offers a variety of fresh produce and prepared food. Consistently ranked as one of the top farmers' markets in the country. All local. Highly recommended.